Voice over IP – Is it Right for My Company?

If you’re wondering about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and what it might do for your business, check-out this easy read to find out why this fast-evolving, money-saving, problem-solving, “it / IT” business communications technology is among the most highly-adopted technologies of all time!

Star2Star’s hybrid communication solution with its cloud-based PBX reduces the risk of hardware failure disrupting your business.  With your phone system in the cloud, you have seamless failover options when premise hardware fails or your building loses power.  Join us in this world of new technology and learn what a VoIP phone system for business can do to improve your company’s productivity and efficiency!

Learn why, in a March 6, 2018 article entitled Business Choice Awards 2018: Voice over IP (VoIP) Systems, PC Magazine said, “Despite the myriad ways to interact, voice communication continues to be a common and powerful way for humans to conduct business… Voice over IP is now the dominant technology for making and receiving voice calls.”

No One Keeps Your Company Running Like Star2Star!

Star2Star has a business communications solution that can save you money while giving you more features than ever before!  Whether you own or work in a small business, a large company or somewhere in between, Star2Star delivers the world’s most complete cloud-based communications solution available. 

Star2Star offers pure hosted business phone service as well as a hybrid solution which provides a traffic shaping network appliance on premise.

Ask about our 30-day money-back guarantee, lifetime hardware warranty, free software updates, disaster recovery, reliability and call quality that only the StarBox voice-optimized SD-WAN and cloud based pbx provides.

Neatness Counts

Double Eagle warrants all cabling installed by our technicians to meet or exceed today’s building codes and industry standards for voice and data cabling.

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Details Matter!

We have our own “Double Eagle Standard of Service:”

  • Onsite consultation
  • Ongoing progress reports
  • First day of occupancy onsite coverage
  • Lifetime warranty for your occupancy of the space

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We’re There Where and Especially When You Need Us!

Prompt response is the keystone of our service! Our ability to respond quickly to your needs has earned us a reputation for completing work on-time and in-budget with great attention to quality and detail.

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