Commercial Cabling Services

We build, maintain and grow the cabling networks that support your business

Install, Maintain & Improve Your Communications Network

We provide a full range of cabling services to keep your network operating as smooth and efficiently as it did the day it was installed.    We can help troubleshoot a problem cabling network or move the entire network to a new location

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Neatly installed, terminated,  tested and completed on time, as per specification, and within the defined budget.  

Making sure your cabling network continues to support your business as needed, from troubleshooting & repair to Fiber Optic upgrades. 

Expand your local network, add a new location (or two), or move your entire operation to a new place. 

Your Business Communications RELY on a Solid network

You can RELY on Double Eagle to install cabling that won't let you down

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The Cabling Beneath Your Business Communications

Phone System Cabling

To support your commercial phone system for analog service, as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) and connect you to the outside world. 

Data Network Cabling

To connect your network and transfer data between computers, servers, teleworkers, satellite offices, and to access the world wide web.   

There is a network of cabling underlying your business that allows you to talk on the phone, exchange documents with co-workers, display videos and more.  We work with all of them.  

By far the most common, copper cabling (Cat 5, 5e, 6) provides a stable platform for your business communication network

Fiber optic cabling supports higher bandwidth demands over longer distances and flexibility for future needs.

Coaxial cable is still a reliable choice for transmitting video, data, RF, digital audio, satellite and television signals.

Cabling Installation for Voice, Data and Video

From the design and installation of a new network to providing maintenance and repairs for your existing infrastructure, our technicians will provide first-rate support to ensure that your company receives the best solution to meet your unique needs.

​Professionally Installed 

Network Cabling Installation

Our certified cabling experts are professionally trained, highly skilled at their jobs, and always deliver a professional installation. 

With years of experience in network cabling and low-voltage telecommunications wiring installation and termination our techs are veterans in the industry.   

... and it shows our installations

Clearly Labeled

Backbone Cabling

If applicable, cabling is clearly labeled at both ends, as per specifications or otherwise documented as per customer request.  

follows all current EIA / TIA and BICSI installation standards as well as all applicable local building codes

Tested & Ready-to-Go

phone system installation relocation maintenance

All cable installations are tested end-to-end, for continuity, potential grounds, shorts, and reversals.  Learn more about cable testing


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Build a SOLID network from the bottom up

If you want your business to run smoothly, it helps to have a good base.  Your network needs to be installed properly and in accordance with current industry standards.  Choose a company that knows how to do that.

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Maintain & Upgrade Cabling Services

From providing the general care and maintenance needed to meet a changing environment, to troubleshooting connectivity issues and repairing broken cables, Double Eagle will keep your cabling network operating as smooth and efficiently as it did the day it was installed.

Voice and Data Cabling Installation Services


Moves, Adds & Changes (known in the industry as MACs) allow your network to adapt to your growing and ever-changing business needs. Whether you are swapping offices, adding new people or upgrading network equipment, we can relocate existing cables, run new ones or even upgrade your network cable.


We provide troubleshooting and repair services for copper, fiber and coax cabling, including the connections and terminations.   We'll perform testing to isolate any issues affecting the network, report our findings, and take appropriate measures to correct the found issues, including, repairing or replacing damaged or faulty cabling (or connectors) and re-terminating cabling.

Fiber Optic Network Server


If you have reached the point where your current network just isn't enough, perhaps it's time you considered upgrading to fiber optic.  If you need a more robust network, we can upgrade your cabling network to fiber optic, which transmits up to 100 Terabits per second. 

Our teams can run fiber optic cabling networks (single-mode or multi-mode, riser or plenum, armored or un-armored) and we install all conventional terminations, especially Corning’s Unicam® connectors.  Our techs are also proficient in traditional fiber polishing techniques.

cable remediation, clean-up  & organization


Over time a network can get messy - cables get re-used, but not re-labeled, re-routed around each other, and sometimes cables are abandoned altogether. In addition to being unsightly, it also can create real issues when trying to troubleshooting a network issue.

We can remove old cabling, clean-up, organize and label your cabling network to eliminate the hassle of a messy network and help you get the most out your network.  

 To minimize interruptions of your day-to-day operations, we offer optional evening and weekend Cable Remediation Services.

Network Cable Testing

Network Cabling Testing

Whether you are trying to troubleshoot a network issue or moving into a new location with an existing, unknown cabling infrastructure, we can test copper, coax and fiber optic cabling networks cabling, connections and terminations.


Certified Cable Analysis Report

If you specify, we can do certified network cable testing on your system and we will provide all test results and the documentation to you for your records. We can also provide certified network cable testing for fiber optic cables upon request.

At Double Eagle, we understand that cable installation is more than running cables. That's why we developed a process to ensure that our installations meet your needs and our execution is flawless.

 ... learn more about  our Success by Design Process  >>>

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Expand & Relocate Network Cabling 

As your business grows, so does your network .... 

There are different forms that growth can take.  We can expand your cabling network within the existing location and even relocate existing data / phone cabling and jacks to accommodate physical growth and changes. 

Adding another location

When it's time to add a second location or move the entire operation to new space, call us to help plan and execute a smooth relocation.  

network relocation

Perhaps it's time to move the entire operation to new space, which is a daunting task.   Moving a physical office is hard enough, moving your network requires professionals and planning. Call us to help plan and execute a smooth relocation.  

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 To minimize interruptions of your day-to-day operations, we offer optional evening and weekend Cable Network Relocation Services.

Don't Let Cabling Issues Cost You Money

​Contact Us Today For A Free No-Obligation Network Analysis

Don't Let Cabling Issues Cost You Money

Don't Let Cabling Issues Cost You Money

Partner with Choose a Cabling Company that won't let you down

Contact Us Today For A Free No-Obligation Network Analysis

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